Connecting The Dots: Does Rickie Fowler Need Apparel Changes to Win?

This may be the dumbest and likely most meaningless thing I’ll ever write, but you’ve got to generate site traffic somehow. Hopefully this will show up in someone’s Google search. You never know.

Rickie Fowler has never been known to be conservative with his fashion choices. One of the flashiest dressers on tour, Rickie is best known to be wearing orange on Sundays. Little kids show up to tournaments donned in orange from flat-brimmed hat to Puma golf shoes. A year ago, in January of 2016, Fowler won the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship with an impressive 16-under par performance. Despite his impressive play, a lot of he attention Fowler received was about his new Puma high top golf shoes and Jogger style golf pants. Despite the stylish look, Fowler has not won a tournament since. During my daily routine of watching several hours of golf clips, praying that Tiger will win another major, I stumbled upon Fowler’s 2015 Players Championship victory. His biggest title to date, Fowler went eagle-birdie-birdie on the final three holes to get into a playoff with Sergio Garcia and Kevin Kisner. Fowler eventually won on the famous island 17th hole, his third birdie of the day at the hole. My always-woke brain looked past the par-3 dominance and instead noticed that Rickie was not wearing his signature orange, instead opting for a pink polo, as it was Mother’s Day. Mildly interested, I decided to check out Rickie’s other winning outfits. When he won at the 2012 Wells Fargo, it was signature orange head-to-toe. His next victory (excluding the previously mentioned Player’s), the 2015 Scottish Open, orange pants and a white pullover led Fowler to a one stroke victory. Two months later, Fowler won the Deutsche Bank Championship in white pants and a white/orange polo. His next and latest victory was the previously mentioned Abu Dhabi in joggers and high tops.

Do my findings mean anything? Probably not. Most guys like to change it up, save for Tiger who won them all in red and black. Just an interesting observation for a guy known for one one outfit. Be sure to watch out for some subtle differences next time Rickie wins a tournament. And Rickie, if you’re reading this, maybe ask Puma to change it up a little for the majors this year.

Shoutout to the greatest (absolute worse) Rickie look ever:


And for fun, final round highlights from the 2015 Players:


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